Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Doctors Appointment? Sheeeesh! 8/17/2010

If we don't take Aiden in the car for something fun, he's going to HATE being in the car.  Two doctor appointments in two days...poor Luv Muffin.  Today was a visit to Dr. Hotaling...the ENT doctor that saved Aiden's life.  Although the appointment was ear nothin'....he still freaked out.  The doctor took a look in his ears and at his trache and that was about it.  Every time we come to visit Dr. Hotaling, he always reminisces about the day he did Aiden's tracheotomy and how it was the hardest one he has ever done...they have quite the bond.  Aiden may not see that at this juncture....but he will.  After his initial exam, they checked the pressure in his ears to see if the tubes are open and working...and it looks as though one is plugged.  Dr. Hotaling is going to request that an ENT doctor at Children's Memorial take a look in his ear...perhaps replace it...while he's under for his jaw distraction surgery.  We also got clearance for the jaw distraction.  At one point, we had to wait in the little waiting room and Aiden decided that he was soooo exhausted, he took a nap.  I wish I could do that sometimes! 

snoozing away in the
doctor's waiting room
After his ENT appointment, we headed home and we were starved!  We ordered pizza... mmmmmm.... pizzzzzzzzzzzza. Aiden seemed to think that the nap he took at the doctors office was sufficient enough and didn't need anymore sleep...but his staggering around like a little drunkard told me otherwise. He still refused.  After we stuffed our faces, I drove my mom to Rich and Katie's house.  She is going to baby sit their kids for a couple of days while they celebrate their 10th Anniversary.  Today is Katie's birthday.  :-D  She's still a spring chicken!  I stayed for a little bit as we chatted....Logan and Ryan were so cute...wanting to entertain us.  After a couple hours I headed home...I couldn't believe how much I missed Aiden!  Tonite he fell asleep with no effort.  I guess that 10 minute nap didn't cut it! 

Well, that's about it for today!  No rambling this time.  I'm off to feed the Luv Muffin.  I'm not going  to even say I'm going to try to's pointless.  I guess since it's after midnight...I'm officially 40.  I'm okay with that at this very moment, let's see how I feel tomorrow!  Nighty night!!

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